Regalcare at Greenwich

Regalcare at Greenwich


Regalcare at Greenwich is located in Greenwich, CT, part of Fairfield County.

According to United States census data, the town has a population of 63,514. 18.6% of residents are 65 years or older, 2.1% more than the U.S. population.

Three neighboring cities, towns, and the like are Purchase, Glenville, and Rye Brook.

Our network provides data for 6 senior living communities in Greenwich, CT with this community.

About the Community

A for-profit limited liability company, Regalcare at Greenwich accepts Medicare and Medicaid.

Both resident and family council are available. Regalcare at Greenwich is not a continuing care retirement community.

The most recent standard fire safety inspection saw automatic sprinklers in all required areas.

Quality Measures and Vaccination Rates

Regalcare at Greenwich reports the below data to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The Retirement Being team compares each datum to the nation’s and Connecticut’s averages.

Long-Stay Quality Measures

Anti-Anxiety Medication


18.1% of residents received anti-anxiety or hypnotic medication, 1.4% less than the nation and 0.7% more than the state.

Antipsychotic Medication


18.7% of residents received antipsychotic medication, 4.2% more than the nation and 3.1% more than the state.

Bowels or Bladder Control


19.2% of low-risk residents lose control of their bowels or bladder, 27.8% less than the nation and 23% less than the state.

Depressive Symptoms


18.5% of residents have depressive symptoms, 11% more than the nation and 12.7% more than the state.

Falls with a Major Injury


2.3% of residents have one or more falls with a major injury, 1.1% less than the nation and 1.1% less than the state.

Increased Need for Help


28.4% of residents’ need for help with daily activities increased, 13.8% more than the nation and 11.9% more than the state.

Influenza Vaccine


94.9% of residents were given the influenza vaccine, 0.5% less than the nation and 1.3% more than the state.

Physical Restraints


0% of residents were physically restrained, 0.2% less than the nation and the same as the state.

Pneumococcal Vaccine


85.1% of residents were given the pneumococcal vaccine, 7.6% less than the nation and 1.9% less than the state.

Pressure Ulcers


3% of high-risk residents have pressure ulcers, 5.1% less than the nation and 3.2% less than the state.



0% of residents have a urinary tract infection, 2.4% less than the nation and 2% less than the state.

Urinary Catheter


1.4% of residents have or had a catheter inserted and left in their bladder, 0.2% less than the nation and 0.2% more than the state.

Weight Loss


11.1% of residents lose too much weight, 5.1% more than the nation and 4.8% more than the state.

Worsening Movability


31.4% of residents’ ability to move independently worsened, 13.4% more than the nation and 9.9% more than the state.

Short-Stay Quality Measures

Antipsychotic Medication


0% of residents received antipsychotic medication for the first time, 1.8% less than the nation and 1.6% less than the state.

Pneumococcal Vaccine


46.3% of residents were given the pneumococcal vaccine, 33.2% less than the nation and 17.9% less than the state.

Seasonal Influenza Vaccine


45% of residents were given the seasonal influenza vaccine, 31.7% less than the nation and 22.3% less than the state.

Local Businesses and Organizations


For Regalcare at Greenwich residents that require a hospital visit, The Nathaniel Witherell is the closest, 3.64 miles away. Greenwich Hospital is the next nearest, 3.91 miles away.

The closest pharmacies are Finch’s Pharmacy, 2.29 miles away, and Finch Pharmacy, 2.34 miles away. Mskcc Pharmacy At West and Prescriptions Plus Delivery are two more in the area.

Should there be a need for dental care, Jan Linhart Dds Pc and Klotz Robert S are 2.01 miles and 2.28 miles away. As for vision care, Bernstein Center for Visual Performance is 3.32 miles from the community.

Leisure Activities

If some fresh air or exercise is desired, Purchase Day Camp is 1.72 miles away, and The Arbors is 2.41 miles away. Movie Card is 3.44 miles away for an activity with little physical movement. Bookworms can find solace in Suny College-Purchase Library, 1.64 miles from Regalcare at Greenwich.

Nearby places of worship include St. Paul Rc Church and Harvest Time Church. The former is 0.75 miles, and the latter is 1.45 miles from the community.

When the time comes for a haircut or trim, Hill Top Nails is 2.41 miles away.


Seniors looking to dine out or order takeout have several choices, including Fairview Country Club and Skytop Restaurant, 0.56 miles and 0.61 miles away. Sashimi State and Wing Lady are a couple of other establishments in the area.

To do some grocery shopping, Kinnikinnick Foods is 2.17 miles away, and Stop & Shop is 2.17 miles away. Wegmans and Smith Foods are two more nearby options.

Financial Services

Take care of financial needs at Chase Bank, 1.23 miles away, or USAlliance Federal Credit Union, 1.68 miles away. Northmarq Capital and Barbican Wealth Advisors are also in the vicinity of the community.

The Weather in Greenwich

July was Greenwich’s warmest month of the last year, with an average high of 86°F. Conversely, its coldest month was January. The average low in January was 19°F.

The town saw 41.62 inches of precipitation, 38.21 inches of snowfall, and average humidity of 67% over the last 12 months.

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