Our mission

We endeavor to make finding the right senior living community for individual needs more accessible, informed, and on your time.

Who we are

The Retirement Being team is a group of considerate and inspired people who have come together to create a free-to-use resource for seniors seeking a living community.

In merging our professional experiences in the workplace and our personal experiences of loved ones whose needs change as they get older, Retirement Being is reimagining the way seniors find a place to call home.

The meaning behind our name

In coming up with a name for our organization, it was imperative to land on something that described the essence of senior living. Of course, the word ‘retirement’ concerns life after work. ‘Being’ pertains to ‘living’ and ‘aliveness.’ Combining the two terms is our attempt to depict the richness to be had as we age, even though we may require more help along the way. In becoming seniors, we can all be retirement beings.

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