Young at Heart RCFE #2

Young at Heart RCFE #2


Young at Heart RCFE #2 is located in Sacramento, CA, part of Sacramento County.

According to United States census data, the city has a population of 525,041. 13.3% of residents are 65 years or older, 3.2% less than the U.S. population.

Three neighboring cities, towns, and the like are Vineyard, Elk Grove, and Florin.

Our network provides data for 308 senior living communities in Sacramento, CA with this community.


For Young at Heart RCFE #2 residents that require a hospital visit, Methodist Hospital of Sacramento is the closest, 2.68 miles away. Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center is the next nearest, 3.02 miles away.

The closest pharmacies are CVS Pharmacy, 0.86 miles away, and Walgreens, 1.05 miles away. CVS Pharmacy and Sam’s Club Pharmacy are two more in the area.

Should there be a need for dental care, Vineyard Dental and Vintage Park Dental are 0.22 miles and 0.24 miles away. As for vision care, Diana Holcomb OD is 0.84 miles from the community.

Leisure Activities

If some fresh air or exercise is desired, Carlisle Woods Park is 0.21 miles away, and Caymus Park is 0.21 miles away. Regal Cinemas UA Laguna Village is 3.46 miles away for an activity with little physical movement. Bookworms can find solace in Sacramento County Library, 2.38 miles from Young at Heart RCFE #2.

Nearby places of worship include The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints and Latter-Day Saints Gerber Ward. The former is 0.22 miles, and the latter is 0.22 miles from the community.

When the time comes for a haircut or trim, K & D Hair Salon is 0.24 miles away.


Seniors looking to dine out or order takeout have several choices, including Mama’s Pizza and Superb Subs, 0.23 miles and 0.24 miles away. Premium Donuts and Lamppost Pizza are a couple of other establishments in the area.

To do some grocery shopping, VP Pure Water is 0.35 miles away, and Safeway is 0.93 miles away. Punjabi Bazar Supermarket and Bel Air are two more nearby options.

Financial Services

Take care of financial needs at American West Bank, 0.65 miles away, or Chase Bank, 0.65 miles away. Golden 1 Credit Union and Citibank are also in the vicinity of the community.

The Weather in Sacramento

August was Sacramento’s warmest month of the last year, with an average high of 94°F. Conversely, its coldest month was January. The average low in January was 38°F.

The city saw 15.74 inches of precipitation, 0 inches of snowfall, and average humidity of 62% over the last 12 months.

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