Worland Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

Worland Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center


Worland Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center is in Worland, WY, part of Washakie County.

According to United States census data, the city has a population of 4,787. 19.9% of residents are 65 years or older, 3.4% more than the U.S. population.

Three neighboring cities, towns, and the like are Airport Road, Washakie Ten, and West River.

Our network provides data for 1 senior living community in Worland, WY with this community.

Places of Interest

The following establishments are located in proximity to Worland Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center.



Code Dental Excellence
66.23 miles away

Hearing Aid Stores

No establishments in proximity


Washakie Medical Center
0.29 miles away
Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital
28.16 miles away
South Big Horn County Hospital
29.53 miles away
North Big Horn Hospital
60.35 miles away
Johnson County Memorial Hospital
65.57 miles away
Powell Hospital
65.67 miles away
West Park Hospital
66.31 miles away


65.7 miles away
71.03 miles away
Hospital Pharmacy United Drugs
72.97 miles away

Food and Drink

Coffee Shops

The Chicken Coop
68.33 miles away
Brown Sugar Roastery
71.76 miles away
72.18 miles away

Fast Food

0.32 miles away
0.39 miles away
0.75 miles away
Taco John’s
0.78 miles away
29.14 miles away
33.35 miles away
34.22 miles away


0.31 miles away
Brass Plum
0.34 miles away
The Other Store
0.5 miles away
0.83 miles away
Ranchito Mexican Restaurant
0.98 miles away
Stogie Joe’s
1.01 miles away
Copper Corner Cafe
25.9 miles away


Blair’s Supermarket
0.37 miles away
Overland Express Mart
25.95 miles away
Red Apple
61.25 miles away
65.29 miles away
Walmart Supercenter
66.68 miles away
Kaycee General Store
68.22 miles away
The Rusty Spur
68.35 miles away



Sunlight Federal Credit Union
0.31 miles away
Bank of Greybull
33.37 miles away
Big Horn Federal
33.44 miles away
U.S. Bank
65.94 miles away
First Interstate Bank
66.18 miles away
Atlantic City Federal Credit Union
70.49 miles away
Wells Fargo
71.28 miles away


No establishments in proximity

Shipping and Mailing

US Post Office
25.93 miles away
Thermopolis Post Office
28.49 miles away
United States Postal Service
64.88 miles away
65.6 miles away
Big Horn Post office 82833
65.95 miles away

Leisure Activities


Washakie Twin Cinemas
1.11 miles away
Ritz Theatre
28.47 miles away
Hyart Theater
61.1 miles away
American Dream Drive IN
63.86 miles away
Vali Twin Cinema
65.22 miles away
Bighorn Cinemas
65.31 miles away
Buffalo Theatre
65.98 miles away

Community Centers

Worland Community Center Complex
0.46 miles away
Tongue River Valley Community Center
67.98 miles away
Senior Center
72.98 miles away


Waskakie County Library
24.64 miles away
Big Horn County Library
25.95 miles away
Hot Springs County Library
28.46 miles away
Powell Library
65.25 miles away
Park County Libary
65.52 miles away
Kaycee Community Library
68.4 miles away
Fremont County Public Library Riverton Branch
71.9 miles away


Kiwanis Park
0.05 miles away
Sage Creek Park
0.44 miles away
Sanders Park
0.52 miles away
Pioneer Square
0.74 miles away
Railway Park
1.02 miles away
Riverside Park
1.3 miles away
Cedar Mountain Wilderness Study Area
9.24 miles away

Places of Worship

Saint Mary Magdalen Catholic Church
0.59 miles away
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses
0.76 miles away
Saint Francis Catholic Church
28.65 miles away
Big Trails Church
33.56 miles away
Sacred Heart Catholic Mission
33.69 miles away
Sacred Heart Catholic Mission
33.73 miles away
Saint Christopher in the Bighorn
38.64 miles away


Department Stores

65.29 miles away
66.13 miles away
Big K Mart
74.5 miles away

Shopping Malls

No establishments in proximity

The Weather in Worland

July was Worland’s warmest month of the last year, with an average high of 92°F. Conversely, its coldest month was January. The average low in January was 5°F.

The city saw 6.48 inches of precipitation, 486.9 inches of snowfall, and average humidity of 55% over the last 12 months.

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